Mibile Speed Optimisation
Mobile Speed Optimisation
Mobile Speed Optimisation
Speed is vital if you wish to provide the best user experience to visitors of your site. It ensures that a visitor's limited attention span and valuable time is spent on actual content and not wasted waiting for your site's images and scripts to load. 

Studies have shown that most users will not tolerate more than a 4 second load time. If your site fails to offer a quick response, your users will leave.

In terms of SEO, Google and other search engines are hinting at using PageSpeed score within ranking algorithms. As a business owner, page speed should be among the top optimisations to consider.

In short, loading faster is always better.

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Our Mobile Optimisation package leverages Google's Mobile Friendly Test and Mobile Speed Test to identify areas in your website needing improvement relating to load speed and mobile friendliness.

Once problem areas have been identified, a one-time mobile optimisation will be performed, which will improve the mobile speed and friendliness of your site.

  •  Optimise your site for mobile viewing by leveraging insights gained from Google's Internal Tools.
  •  Identify and develop areas needing improvement to increase the mobile-friendliness of the site and gain better visibility in Mobile Index.
  •  Check up to 30 pages of the site and implement mobile optimisation improvements if necessary.
  •  Implement enhancements such as optimising site images, leveraging browser caching, enabling compression, enabling keep-alive, and other mobile-specific improvements.
  •  Minify CSS, HTML, and Javascript as needed to ensure more efficient performance.
  •  Install AMP to blog sites if necessary.
  •  Up to total of 8hrs for total mobile optimisation, may include optimising existing images or content to be mobile friendly.
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